Koolbreeze has now discontinued sales of our complete range of heating, cooling and dehumidifying products. Warranty issues for previously sold products that are still within their warranty period should be addressed as follows Koolbreeze products originally purchased from an official Koolbreeze reseller Where a product was originally purchased from a Koolbreeze reseller in the first instance warranty related issues should be raised with the original reseller who the product was purchased from rather than directly with Koolbreeze. Koolbreeze is continuing to provided second level support to our former resellers to enable them to resolve any warranty issues. Koolbreeze products originally purchased by B2B customers directly from Koolbreeze Where a business or B2B customer originally purchased a product directly from Koolbreeze, warranty related issues can be raised through one of the contact methods given via the ‘Contact Us’ link at the bottom of this web page.