With the famous german Trotec brand, the pedigree of these high quality dehumidifiers is assured. A strong rotary compressor and a quality fan for air flow rates of up to 1,000 m³/hr allows the removal of up to 70 litres of moisture per day. The high quality hot gas automatic defrost of the KDG70L guarantees a much more efficient dehumidification performance. Frequent location changes, and use in rough construction site conditions, are not a problem for this condenser dryer. Thanks to the ergonomic construction and chassis design which includes a bar handle and large wheels, the KDG70L can easily be transported over uneven terrain or up and down stairs.
TROTEC Dehumidifier - 70 L/Day Building Dryer
Model: KDG70L
Technical Information Moisture removal at 30 o C/RH 80% 55 (Max 70) L/Day Power consumption 1.3kW Power supply 230V/50Hz Room size (Building Dry / Keeping dry) 450m 3 /900m 3 Refrigerant type R410a (650g) Air flow 1000m 3 /hr Net Dimension (DxWxH) ` 450×510x720mm Weight 39kg
 Model  Discontinued