Portable Air Conditioning Range
A powerful split system suitable for almost any cooling application the KCA25S offers the most efficient and effective portable air conditioning available. By using water instead of air to remove heat, the KCA25S avoids the derating effect of the condenser in traditional air conditioning systems to deliver 25,000BTU (7.3kW) of cooling. The main unit can be sited up to 35m from the outdoor unit which allows them to be used in areas deep inside buildings or without anywhere to vent the hot air normally associated with monobloc systems. Comes with a 5m umbilical line Technical Information Running current 11A Airflow1450m³/hr Thermostat Sound 60dbA Weight 125kg Dimensions (HxWxD) 1350x820x380mm
Model: KCA25S
KCA25S Split Air conditioning System
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